I grew up on a small self sufficient farm in Suffolk where we had, among other things,

goats and artichokes.

It seemed a far cry from my parents talent of window dressing in some of London’s

famous stores.  They did, however, bring their flair with them and we embarked

on a stylish journey of growing your own and making your own ourselves and it has

left a deep impression on how I go about things now.

My mother at one point had a carpet loom and I’ve never forgotten her weaving on it

and being fascinated by what she produced.

When my husband bought me home a rickety old table loom, I realised a dream and

taught my self to weave.  And when I struggled to find the colour of wool I

wanted to weave with I decided to dye my own.  For me now, dying and weaving go

hand in hand.

Weaving is for me, an intriguing traditional craft which has allowed me to

create unusual designs and bring texture and colour together.

Zoë Ritchie Weaving



Naturally dyed & hand woven

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