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Comfrey Lace

Dyed with: Comfrey

Trim and dangles : Logwood and comfrey

Diameter top: 23 cm

Diameter bottom: 30.5 cm (12”)

Height: 18.5 cm

Dangle: 2 cm

BFL wool

Indigo twill

Dyed with : Indigo dipped in heather

Trim and dangles : Indigo/heather & comfrey

Diameter top: 32 cm

Diameter bottom: 40.5 cm (16”)

Height: 25 cm

Dangle: 3 cm

BFL wool


Comfrey wound

Dyed with: Comfrey

Trim and Dangles: Comfrey and logwood

Diameter top: 27 cm

Diameter bottom: 36 cm (14”)

Height: 21.5 cm

Dangles 2 cm

BFL wool

Unique lampshades wrapped with naturally dyed weaving and hand made trim.  They look good with or with out the light on.