Zoë Ritchie Weaving

Naturally dyed & hand woven

01546 870 317

The wool I use is Blue Faced Leicester (BFL 2 ply) and silky soft.

Wrap your self in lovely-ness or adorn your furniture.

Please contact me for prices.


Indigo poncho

Dyed with:  Indigo, logwood & turmeric.

From nape of neck to bottom hem 96 cm

(with tassel 115 cm)

From neck to cuff:: 63 cm

BFL wool.  Hand wash



Indigo diamonds

Dyed with : Indigo,

200 x 56 cm ( 256cm with tassel)

BFL wool: Hand wash

Autumn Darling

Dyed with:  Madder, nettle, logwood, eucalyptus, gunnera, St Johns wort, cochineal, artichoke & bog myrtle

194 x 56 cm (224 cm with tassel)

BFL wool:. Hand wash.


Logwood Herringbone

Dyed with: Logwood

192 x 56 cm (222 cm with tassel)

BFL wool. Hand wash

Cochineal Darling

Dyes used: Cochineal, logwood & madder.

192 x 58 cm  (220 cm with tassel)

BFL wool.  Hand wash